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À propos de nous

Nous sommes français et vivons à Porto au Portugal. Nous avons deux chats, Pipoune et Fluffy, et nous avons toujours eu des animaux à la maison.

Nous avons toujours été sensibles à la cause animale et le bien-être de nos compagnons est notre priorité, ainsi que la place qu'ils occupent dans nos foyers.

Vous pouvez compter sur nous pour garder vos animaux pendant votre absence.

Our Service

Our service is primarily Pet sitting.

It is a very versatile and personalized service, carried out at home, which adapts to the needs of each animal and its owners.

Our main concern is to provide all the necessary care for your animal so that your absence is not a factor of stress, neither for the dogs nor for the owners.

Why Pet Sitting?

  • Does not cause stress or anxiety in the animal

  • Care, love and very special attention only for your pet.

  • Home care allows your pet to be in the comfort of your home during your absence.

  • His habits remain unchanged.

  • Ideal for older animals, those with special care, less sociable or very dependent animals.

  • For owners with mobility difficulties.

  • For owners who are away frequently.

  • A security measure for your home.

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Tlm/ What's App : +351 916 285 850   +351 912 840 263

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