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About Me
About us

French people living in Porto, Portugal (don’t be afraid, we can also talk in English and Portuguese), we have two cats, Pipoune and Fluffy and have always had animals at home.


Sensitive to the animal cause since always, the well-being of our companions is our priority as well as the place which they occupy within our homes.


You can count on us to take care of your little ones during your absence.

Our Service
Notre service

You want to go on weekends, holidays, or anything

just work at peace of mind ?


We travel to your home, to feed, walk, and take care of your pet.


No stress for your companion since he stays home !


A pre-visit is offered to meet before your departure.

Le Pet-Sitting
Why choose the Pet-Sitting ?
  • Home care allows your pet to stay in his usual environment during your absence. His habits remain unchanged.


  • Ideal for older animals. No transport.


  • An extra security measure for your home.


  • A special presence and attention reserved for your companion.

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Contact Me

 Tel / What's App : +33 631 890 173

Thank you ! We will answer you as soon as possible.

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